Planning Meetings

The following information is provided for the person responsible for assisting Detective Coffey in setting up his meeting. The information is broken down into the following categories:

AV Requirements
Room Set Up Requirements
Detective Coffey's Introduction
Publicity Photographs of Detective Coffey
Pre-Meeting Questionnaire

Audio Visual Information

AV Equipment Detective Coffey will bring:

  • A laptop computer, Compaq Presario Model 2800 with 1024 x 768 screen resolution. Kevin will be running a various video files from his laptop which will be projected.

AV Equipment to be provided at the event by sponsoring organization:

  • A data projector (DLP or LCD) with 1200+ lumens output and 1024 x 768 (XGA) resolution.
  • A screen, largest prractical size
  • A standard skirted rolling AV cart, 42-inch high (1.1M).
  • A wireless lapel microphone (with audiences greater than 50 persons)
  • AC power to the lectern (the cart) and to the data projector
  • A computer-projector connecting cable (up to 25 ft. or 8 meters long depending on room size)
  • A sound patch from the computer to the room's PA system. The patch needs to be a 1/8" stereo mini plug output.
Please call our office at 818 225 1991 with any questions regarding A/V support.

Room Set up Requirements

For a visual of Kevin's typical room set up, click here for Sample Room Set Up .

If the audience's chairs are chevroned rather than in straight rows, facing the stage they will be more comfortable.

Light = Energy. An especially well lit speaker area is a must. Keep the room as bright as practical except when showing videos.

Kevin prefers to work from the floor rather than use a stage/riser unless the audience exceeds 200. If a platform is needed, please make it an o pen platform with NO head table, steps for front access, lectern to one side for the introducer to use.

Use the largest screen practical and position it off the stage in a darkened area or use rear screen projection. Additionally, the area above the screen needs to be darkened in order to provide good contrast.

A variety of seating configurations do work, but the preferred seating arrangement is chevron schoolroom with a center aisle. Kevin walks into the audience during his presentations.

Needed for placement of laptop, along with aiding the person who will introduce Kevin.

6ft Draped Table: On stage for speaker's notes or props.

A cool room produces an alert audience; a warm room produces a drowsy audience. A cold room produces a distracted audience; a hot room produces an irritable audience. The actual room temperature should be somewhere between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.


For a copy of Detective Coffey's introduction, click here.

Publicity Photos

Publicity photos for your use in programs, brochures or weblinks are below. The images are of suitable resolution for Web-based photos (72dpi). For higher resolution photos suitable for printing, simply click on the desired photo, copy and resize the larger image that appears.

Pre Meeting Questionnaire

If this it is the first time Detective Coffey will be with your group, please fill out the event questionnaire linked below about your group and meeting, so Kevin can better customize his program. 

  • Questionnaire in HTML
  • Questionnaire in Word
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