Media Coverage

Detective Coffey is frequently featured by the media. The following are a couple of samples of what he shares with the audience.

This is one of Detective Coffey's appearances on "Tech TV" where he tackles laptop theft and shares prevention tips with his audience.
Click here.

This 2 minute video highlights Kevin giving hotel safety advice on the highly rated Court TV series, "The Safety Challenge".
Click here.

Media inquiries are received regularly by phone or e-mail. We recommend phone inquiries, for individuals working on a deadline. Specific instructions for reaching us immediately for tight deadline interviews will be available when calling our office.

Media representatives are encouraged to review our web pages for consultant biographical information, basic facts about our " Traveler Beware " book, and related background information prior to the interview.  If you would like to see a video segment of Kevin Coffey, click on the following link to Tech TV and then go to the link, learn how to protect your laptop.

If you are a writer or media producer, here are a few reasons why you may want to book or interview Kevin:

  • As a police detective who specializes in travel safety issues and the author of two books, he is an expert in helping people travel safer, and protecting  their property while traveling. 
  • He is lively, entertaining and engaging.
  • He has hundreds of quotable quotes and sound bites.
  • He is a wealth of information and has great resources.
  • He offers specific and usable techniques that are easy to implement.
  • He is professional and easy to work with.
  • He has a track record with both national and local media .
  • For call-in shows, Kevin gets the phones ringing, offering great travel safety tips.

To book Kevin now, or to receive more information, please call (818) 225-1991, or e-mail

Kevin's popular radio, TV segment, or article topics also include:

  • How to avoid pickpockets while traveling in subways and train stations
  • Protecting your luggage in airports
  • Protecting your property from theft while staying in hotels
  • Stop Thief! An undercover cops guide to avoiding travel scams
  • A quick look at the new travel safety products on the market
  • How to survive a hotel fire
  • How to deal with thieving children overseas
  • The 25 top tips to protect your laptop from theft
  • How to protect your home from burglary while you're away on vacation
  • 10 most common money scams that travelers fall for overseas

To book Kevin now or to receive more information, please call (818) 225-1991, or e-mail

Here is a partial list of our most recent television appearances

Television Appearances
Oprah TV Show 
Court TV - Safety Challenge
3 appearances
National Cable
ABC 20/20 with Barbara Walters Segment won the National Press Club Award!
KTVK Channel 3 Phoenix 3 Segments - Won the Peabody Award!
Tech TV National Cable
CNET TV  National Cable
NBC The Today Show National Television
CNBC National Cable
CNBC - Steals and Deals National Cable
Home and Family - Family  National Cable
CNN National National Cable
CNN Airport Network National Cable
The Travel Channel National Cable
KXAN TV Channel 2 NBC Austin, Texas
KVIA TV Channel 7 ABC  El Paso, Texas
WTAJ-TV Channel 10 CBS  State College, Pennsylvania
WTVC-TV Channel 9 ABC Chattanooga, Tennessee
KWCH-TV Channel 12 CBS    Wichita , Kansas
KTHV-TV Channel 11 CBS Little Rock, Arkansas
WPHM-TV Channel 4 ABC  Detroit, Michigan
Florida News Channel Florida State - cable
All News Channel-Conus National - cable
Fox News Edge   National News
Fox Files National Cable / Network
KWHY-TV Business Channel Los Angeles Cable
KNBC-TV Channel 4 NBC Los Angeles
WRC-TV Channel 4 NBC Washington D.C.

Radio Appearances

The Touring Company  with
Paul Lasley and Elizabeth Harryman

Travel Safety While On The Road

The Travel Queen Show with
Jane DeGrow
Protecting Your Laptop While Traveling

Print Appearances
USA Today How to beat crooks on the prowl at airports
USA Today Laptop Theft A Major Problem
USA Today How To Steer Clear From Thieves While Traveling 
USA Today Laptop Theft On The Rise
Beyond Computing Thwarting Laptop Theft
Luggage and Leather Goods Assn. Police Detective Provides Luggage Theft Tips
Los Angeles Times - Business Section Theft from Business Travelers is a main Concern
Los Angeles Times - Business Travel Section Those sticky fingered thieves know all the you do too.
Los Angeles Times - Business Travel Section Women account for half of all business travelers
American Society of Industrial Security Addressing Travel Safety in Corporate America
San Diego Tribune - Travel Section New luggage?  Keep Your Eye On It
McCord  Gateways Magazine Alert Travelers Can Prevent From Being Victimized
Fortune Magazine Laptop Larceny is Taking Off at Airports
Crain's Business  Airport Theft Costs Time, Money  
Costco Connection Keeping Thieves Away From Business Travelers
Corporate & Incentive Travel Magazine Safety Issue Still Not To Be Taken Lightly
Incentive Magazine Corporate Cop
The Wall Street Journal Who's Spying On You During Your Business Trip?
Business Traveler Corporate Insecurity
Frequent Flyer Magazine Undercover With An Airport Cop
Incentive Magazine Corporate Cop
Inc. Magazine Where's My Laptop? 
Industry Week Airport Alert
Industry Week Hotel Security and Other Myths
Bottom Line Hotel Safety - What Do You Really Know
Nation's Business Computer Crime
Sales and Marketing Magazine When Theft Is a Terminal Problem
Selling Magazine Traveling Wit a laptop? Eight Tips You Must Know
Wall Street Smart Money A Little Too Portable - Protecting Your Laptop
Successful Meetings How To Prevent Common Thefts
Travel Weekly Detective Warns: Be Wary Of Thieves In Airports
Travel Age West Thieves Prey On Corporate Travelers
Travel Weekly - Business Travel Detective to Executives: You Can Travel Safely
Chicago Tribune Stop Thief!
Canada's Globe and Mail Avoid Danger: Pack Your Common Sense
Los Angeles Daily News Stop Thief!   Security Tips From A Pro
Houston Chronicle Criminals use Skill To Prey On Travelers
Orange County Business Journal Travel Safety  and Corporate Concerns
Palms Springs Desert Sun Let The Traveler Beware!
ABC News Online Chat

For further information consider our book " Traveler Beware, An Undercover Cop's Guide To Avoiding Pickpockets, Luggage Theft, and Travel Scams " ISBN No. 0967130204, which can be ordered from our products page. You may also visit our web site which contains over 130 pages of travel safety information.



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