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Is your room key the only one that will open the door when you are bathing or sleeping inside your hotel room?
When traveling, especially in a foreign country, peace of mind is a priceless gift and for many travelers, personal safety is a serious concern and it’s not uncommon to feel most vulnerable while alone at night, especially if one stays in an unfamiliar hotel or hostel in a dodgy area.

Additionally, many travelers have experienced staying in a room where the integrity of the door lock is questionable, or there is concern if multiple keys may be issued for your room after you check-in.
Regardless of one’s choice of accommodation, feeling safe is essential for a good night’s sleep, which is why travelers take portable door locks and travel door locks with them.

A portable door lock is designed to provide peace-of-mind protection while traveling, at home, or college students living in dorms. These products provide an effective, yet portable and inexpensive security solution that are handy and easy to use.

When a traveler is considering purchasing a portable travel door lock, they are faced with the challenge of trying to figure out what type of portable door lock to take, as well as understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

The following is a listing of portable door locks and travel door locks and their features.

Portable door locks can be used on almost all internal doors that open towards the area to be secured. It makes the lock inaccessible from outside the room, even if someone has a key to the room.

Be mindful of security claims, as it doesn't make much difference if a portable door lock will withstand 1000 pounds of force, as claimed, and the cheap one only states it stops 500 pounds of force, if the door jamb gives up at 300 pounds of force. There are two types of portable door locks on the market. A portable door jamb lock and a portable door stop.

Portable Door Lock or Travel Door Locks

These types of portable door locks typically insert into the latch hole in the door jamb. Once inserted, the portable door lock has some type of locking or pressure mechanism that is used to brace against the inner door surface and the door frame, preventing its opening.

The disadvantage of these types of travel door locks is that when used in Europe, or even in some locations here in the USA, the door frame will have what is called a "wind block" strip covering the portion of the door necessary for inserting this type of lock. This is where you need to consider the design of the portable door lock you are considering.

Portable Door Stop or Portable Travel Door Wedge

A traditional travel solution is to use some type of door wedge which is jammed under the door to prevent anyone from opening it. There are several on travel door stops or door wedges on the market, each providing a variety of options in what it does and how it keeps a door from opening. Portable door stops can range from a standard rubber door wedge, to one that is highly engineered. The downside of the cheaper door stops or door wedges is that they can slip, especially on carpeted floors, however you will see that some have unique Velco backing which prevents this.

Portable Door Stop Alarm by Swege

Door Stop & Alarm by Swege Many hotels outside of the US do not conform to the security practices of the US.  If there is no dead bolt on the door, you can be vulnerable to unwanted entry by hotel personnel, or anyone with a room key - which is why you should consider a portable door stop alarm.

There is no comparison to other door stop alarms on the market when it comes to reliability and quality! It is made of high-impact plastic with a stainless steel door plate and includes a reusable smooth floor adhesive strip.

The travel door alarm works on all flooring surfaces including carpet, or smooth surfaces such as tile, wood or linoleum (Velcro fasteners are supplied for carpet). The Swege portable travel door alarm is suitable for protection at home, in dormitories and in hotels.

How the Swege Portable Door Stop Alarm works: 

  1. Simply place the portable door alarm on the floor in the path of the door swing.  It prevents the door from opening, and it is stronger than a dead bolt!
  2. Should entry be attempted, it not only stops the door from being opened, the Swedge Door Stop Alarm also emits a 120 decibel alarm.

Force Guard Portable Door Lock

The Force Guard Portable Door Lock is like no other travel lock on the market. Designed with the benefit of extensive research and testing and manufactured from high grade stainless steel, it is incredibly strong and versatile, yet fits in the palm of your hand. 

Security of hotel room doors, especially overseas, can be a mixed bag - especially on doors that do not have secondary locks in the inside.  Additionally, you can never be sure who else has another copy of your room key - which is a major issue when you are alone in your room. The Force Guard portable door lock is an ideal supplementary security measure for use in these travel environments, whether you are a business or leisure traveler.

The Force Guard Portable Door Lock is well suited for use on almost any door, including bedroom doors, providing you peace of mind while you are at your most vulnerable. In addition to home and travel security, Force Guard is the perfect solution for your privacy protection. Ideal for apartment sharers, university students, parents with young children etc.

Door Jammer Portable Security Door Locking Device

This is another clever portable door locking devicewith a unique design. The Door Jammer Portable Door Lock was designed with extensive research and testing.  It is manufactured with solid steel construction and engineered to help keep a door closed by using an ingenious system of hinges and angles.  Designed to fit a wide range of inward opening doors, the portable door lock uses the principle of counter force to help prevent the door from opening as force is being applied to the door from the other side. This unique design causes the portable lock to devote horizontal force to exert on the door from the outside where the lock is installed. Once someone tries to open the door from the outside, horizontal force is created which is then converted into vertical force which causes the Door Jammer Portable Security Device to keep the door from opening as it is forced firmly onto the ground.

The DoorJammer Portable Travel Door Lock can be installed on any type of surface, including wood, carpet, tile, stone, linoleum, and even concrete. The Door Jammer is even versatile enough that it can be used on flat or inclined surfaces. The Door Jammer will not damage the door or floor due to the use of its cushioned back and rubber foot-pad.

Portable Door LockPortable Door Lock

Now you have an inexpensive and effective solution with the Portable Door Lock, a handy and easy
peace-of-mind protection while traveling, at home, or college students living in dorms.

This portable lock can be used on almost all internal doors that open towards the area to be secured. It makes the lock inaccessible from outside the room, even if someone has a key to the room.

The Portable Door Lock is meant to provide an additional layer of security, safety, and peace of mind from a door lock being opened with another key or jimmied.

It helps prevent someone attempting to open the door by wedging an item between the door bolt and the door frame, (often depicted on TV by sliding a credit card against the bolt and the frame).

Use the Portable Door Lock in addition to the door’s dead bolt locks. The Portable Door Lock has several features, including: 

  • Convenient and compact easy-to-carry size 

  • Easy to use, no tools needed for installation.

  • Fast release for quick emergency escapes.

  • All metal construction for superior strength

  • Fits most standard doors that open inwards

  • Prevents unauthorized room entry

  • Locks door securely 

  • No keys or codes required

  • Fitted or released in seconds

  • Overrides master keys, cards or picks

Portable Hotel Room Travel Motion DetectorMotion Detection  Alarm with Light

The Travel Guard Alarm with PIR Sensor is a motion sensor, personal alarm and LED flashlight all built into one unit.  The Travel Alarm is an effective low cost motion alarm features a convenient size making it perfect for concealing and traveling. 

Now you have a portable motion alarm that you can direct towards an open window or sliding door that you need to leave open at night while sleeping.  This is a great minor alarm that can be used to effectively deter a hotel or home burglar, or assailant.

The Mini Travel Motion Alarm features an integrated Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor which can be easily used almost anywhere.   

The Travel Alarm integrated Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor features a horizontal detection area of 30° degrees, and senses motion at a distance of up to 10 feet away. The Travel Alarm’s Motion sensitivity can even be adjusted to ignore small pets.

When either the Traveler Alarm Motion Detector or Emergency Alarm is activated, the device emits a piercing 100 decibel alarm for 15 seconds.  The Motion Alarm is designed to scare off potential intruders, or bring attention to a situation. 

Portable Door Alarm

If you've ever been concerned about someone unexpected entering your room at night, this personal door alarm  can give you peace of mind. If you travel for either business or pleasure, security is constantly on your mind, take the Door Alarm with you and make security your constant travel companion.

Travel Door Alarm with LED FlashlightPerfect for families and/or the business traveler. The Portable Door Alarm is easy to use and can be used on  many styles of hotel doors and windows. Simply hang the door alarm on the inside handle of your hotel door, door of a camper, caravan or boat.

When someone attempts to open the door from the outside, the device activates a piercing 95 decibel alarm which is designed to scare off the potential intruder.

The Portable Door Alarm also features a built-in flashlight for use in a darkened room for additional safety and convenience. The Portable Door Alarm is pocket-sized so it hardly takes up any room at all in your suitcase or carry-on.

The Portable Door Alarm is extremely easy to use and takes only 5 seconds to setup.

At the bottom of the Portable Door Alarm you pull the bottom clip which removes two slim silver prongs, which are attached by a wire to the Portable Door Alarm. The prongs are held together with a clear plastic cover. 

Slide off the cover (save the cover as you'll want to replace it when the alarm is not in use) and the prongs will separate causing a loud alarm to sound alerting you that the door alarm is functioning properly. Use your finger to hold the prongs together which stops the alarm.

Locate a space in the door or window jamb and slide the closed prongs between the door and frame (or window and frame). As long as the door remains closed the Travel Door Alarm will remain silent.

If the door or window is opened (even a little bit) the Portable Door Alarm will loosen from its placement causing the prongs to separate and the alarm to sound. Not only is the high-pitched alarm a great warning to you, but is likely to startle and scare off an unsuspecting intruder.

When the Portable Travel Alarm is not in use, the sensor slides back into the alarm.  Nothing to turn on or off. The battery is used only when alarm sounds.


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